Bio – Dennis

Dennis Cheesebrow, Founder and Executive Consultant

With more than 25 years of experience serving the education, faith, government, business and human service marketplaces, Dennis Cheesebrow brings a broad array of experience in coaching, consulting, leadership and systems development to each client and audience. His direct style is sprinkled with humor, abundance and a deep appreciation for the human dynamics and potential in organizations and communities.  


For his entire career spanning coaching, consulting, managing, innovating, and developing, Dennis has been deeply committed to the power of partnership as an essential foundation of professional relationships, structures, and systems in organizations and communities.  That passion and commitment have resulted in the development of the core beliefs, philosophy, practices, and intellectual property that TeamWorks is built upon.


TeamWorks is a leading national consultancy in the area of public education and well known for the Education Leadership System™ (ELS): an insightful and pragmatic view into the three authorities of governance, management and consultation. ELS is the model for partnership between six groups of adults to provide for the mission and promise of public education for all students. This structural and systemic approach of aligning the adults for ALL students’ learning is being applied in urban, suburban, and rural school districts across the country. 


TeamWorks is leading continuous improvement in public education through its School Analytics Services in assisting districts and communities to more deeply understand the intersection of learning, poverty, race, gender and housing to develop collaborative solutions to increase learning while closing the achievement gap, as well as new approaches to developing student learning goals. In addition, School Analytics strengthens and deepens our clients operational and strategic planning through our unique and experienced approach of translating data → insight → strategy → decisions with regards to enrollment, attendance areas, market share, facilities development, demographics, and open enrollment.

Dennis has authored Partnership; Redefined: Leadership through the Power of & (2012) as well as the Educational Leadership System Guidebook (2009) and the FrameWorks Guidebook (2009). He was a contributing author to the book, Voices From The Field: An Introduction to Human Systems Dynamics in 2003. He also holds three U.S. Patents from his 17 years at 3M as an engineer, research laboratory manager and marketing/business manager prior to founding TeamWorks in 1995.