Bio – Stephanie

Stephanie C. White

Stephanie White is a mission-driven, values-grounded, and adaptive educational leader, emphasizing executive coaching for leadership growth, leadership team development, strategic planning, and designing systems, structures and practices for continuous improvement. Stephanie lends her innovative thinking to help organizations move from current reality to desired state, always leading from our core values and mission and closing the gaps between aspiration and skill. Her leadership is consistently based upon what is most advantageous for students, and her belief that anything is possible when we work together. Stephanie brings more than thirty-five years of experience in diverse educational settings as a teacher, district coordinator, director at the executive level, and state level program coordination.

Stephanie currently serves as the program coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Education’s COMPASS model. In this role, she leads collaborative teams for the state including projects on the continuous improvement model, the repository of evidence-based practices, and effective core instruction models with principles in learning acceleration.

Throughout her career, Stephanie has demonstrated her understanding of how relationships and inclusion are the key components to leading through the lens of equity. She is proficient in how she shares the vision for all students, and genuinely cares about all with whom she works. Stephanie knows how to use reflection and Inquiry to gain understanding and recognizes that every situation requires a perspective that is comprehensive.

Stephanie also mentors executive level leaders who are completing their director of special education licensure in the educational leadership programs, and coaches them to find solutions when considering the impact for all. She values working with future leaders as they develop systems level perspectives, their ability to identify barriers to learning within the system and how to strategically plan and develop action steps to provide access to learning for all. Stephanie is a believer in a mindset of continuous improvement and believes our strongest power comes through teaming, partnership and collaboration.

Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree at Augustana College, her Master of Arts in Education from St. Mary’s University, and her Educational Specialist degree from the University of Minnesota Mankato. She is certified in Culturally Proficient School Systems, an equity framework.