Partnership: Redefined

About The Book

After years of experience supporting and guiding organizations from “What is to what ought to be,” TeamWorks founder Dennis Cheesebrow captured the principles core to TeamWorks approach in his book, Partnership: Redefined.

Read how operating in partnership unleashes the latent creativity and ownership that remains largely untapped in most organizations and how a partnership-based approach can reduce stress while increasing performance.

Partnership: Redefined features TeamWorks’ proprietary FrameWorks, conceptual structures that address issues of authority and power, provide guidance for critical conversations, add clarity to decision making processes and other leadership challenges.

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Recommended Reading

One of our core values at TeamWorks is learning. We continue to grow as professionals through our observations and interactions with clients, by reading, taking classes and seeking out other professional development opportunities.  Through our professional growth and learning, we hope to better serve our clients. 

Some of the books and thought-leaders who have been influential in our approach at TeamWorks include: 

Clear Leadership, Gervase Bushe

The Governance Core, Davis Campbell and Michael Fullan

Seeing Systems, Barry Oshry

Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni

Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt 

The Managerial Moment of Truth: The Essential Step in Helping People Improve Performance, Bruce Bodakan and Robert Fritz

Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision Making, Sam Kaner

The Art of Focused Conversations for Schools, Jo Nelson

Conditions for Self Organizing in Human Systems, Glenda Holladay Eoyang

IAFs Core Competencies Framework