Demographic and Enrollment Analytics


Let's Talk Strategy, Not Just Numbers

Your school district doesn’t exist in a bubble.  It resides in a community that is dynamic and ever-changing.  New housing developments, population increases and declines, open enrollment and competition with other public and private schools have a huge impact on your district, both short-term and long-term.  With TeamWorks School Analytics services, you get not only the data you need, but the strategic guidance to help you make your most important decisions.
“After working with TeamWorks, our district is in a better position to implement its strategic long-range facilities master plan, which will systematically set the stage to regain market share and right-size our district for years to come.”
Peter R. Reynolds
Chief Operations Office, Racine Unified School District
“We worked with TeamWorks to study our changing school district demographics and to facilitate attendance boundary changes. TeamWorks spent time with us to understand our school district and the communities we serve, completed a comprehensive demographics study, and facilitated committees of interested parties to develop multiple attendance boundary scenarios. Their process provided excellent community engagement and communication, resulting in a plan that met our goals and provided minimal disruption. As we implemented the changes, TeamWorks provided the analytical tools we needed for success.”
Tim Wald, White Bear Lake
Tim Wald
Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, White Bear Lake Area Schools

School Analytics provides you with a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your district.  With our School Analytics data and consulting services, we can:

  • Detail demographic and residential birth trends across your district
  • Conduct 5 and 10-year enrollment projections
  • Perform “market share” analysis of school-age children and develop strategies for growth
  • Profile your schools and programs for student housing type and values, home education levels, household income, and more for program and services development
  • Report on new housing developments to determine enrollment ranges and school impact for short-term and long-term development
  • Analyze learning outcomes with geographic and socioeconomic factors at the individual student level       
  • Restructure attendance boundaries based on integrated data sets, including student distribution, building capacity, and socioeconomic and learning profiles
  • Assess student walk times and drive times under differing policies and transportation designs, differentiated by time of day
  • Provide you with access to our School Analytics Services Web Application to visualize and conduct queries on all available data