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Our leadership development program focuses on two aspects of the same leadership coin: partnership and management.  Effective leadership combines the organizational capacity of partnership and the individual authority to manage and command. We find the most effective leaders spend as much as 70% of their time in partnership and 30% in management.

 If you are looking for: 

    • Shared accountability for the district’s mission, vision, and performance
    • Less ego and self-centeredness on the part of leaders, employees, and groups
    • More creativity, innovation and ownership
    • Greater clarity of roles, responsibilities, and authority
    • Greater flexibility and nimbleness in responding to dynamic and shifting conditions
    • A shift from a problem- and deficit-based environment to an asset- and strength-based environment, a movement from scarcity to abundance

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“TeamWorks consultants partner with clients, working with them to understand their needs and hopes to effectively design an approach that works specifically for each client. TeamWorks provides a set of tools and Frameworks that are flexible to changing circumstances and can be scaled throughout an organization. It is an approach that can transform how a leader leads, how a follower experiences that leadership, and how everyone in the organization can partner to meet their individual and collective desires. Bottom line: it works!”
Jeff Ronneberg
Superintendent, Spring Lake Park Public Schools
“One of the best things about TeamWorks is the depth and breadth of their expertise. Their direct experience in various leadership roles provides a practical, real life leadership partnership experience because they have the lived experience as school district leaders themselves. Their ability to support us through any challenge using their proven systems tools keeps us prepared and a step ahead of the leadership challenges that come our way!”
Cory McIntyre
Superintendent, Osseo Area Schools

Partnership Leadership

All of us function best when we have a mix of freedom and support. Complete freedom (a.k.a. chaos) is rarely productive for organizations and individuals. Control might leave people feeling safe and comfortable, but it’s also likely to leave them feeling stifled and limited. Between chaos and control is an area where human inventiveness, creativity, productivity and ownership flourish. It’s an area where people are free to act individually or collectively as the situation warrants. It’s an area where leaders and subordinates operate proactively and collegially rather than reactively and competitively. We call this area the zone of partnership.  

We developed our Partnership Leadership program – a combination of professional development and customized coaching powered by our proprietary FrameWorks – to help you and your team consistently operate in the zone of partnership.  Let us help you break down the silos, increase trust and accountability, and take your team from good to great. 

EdManagement Modules

100 plus emails rolling in a day, a calendar with zero wiggle room, never enough time to get the important stuff done. We’ve been there. Or perhaps you’re preparing for a challenging conversation – with a staff member or parent – and not sure how to approach it. Yep, been there too. We have first-hand experience with the management challenges you face as a school district leader, and designed our EdManagement modules based on proven practices that will take you to the next level in your leadership journey: 

  • Take control of your calendar and make room for what’s really important
  • Improve your efficiency and effectiveness in your everyday tasks
  • Lead essential conversations with your staff, families, students and partners
  • Write job descriptions that bring in the talent your team needs to succeed
  • Boost your team’s productivity, accountability and connectedness
  • Give your meetings a makeover and reclaim lost time and energy
  • And more…