Our Team


Our Team

Dr. Ray Queener

Owner and Principal Consultant

Ray is a former superintendent and district administrator. He is a skilled executive coach and loves working with district leaders and school boards to support organizational transformation. When he’s not at work, you can catch Ray outside golfing, fishing, hunting, riding 4-wheelers and cruising in the pontoon.
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Dennis Cheesebrow

Founder and Executive Consultant

Dennis founded TeamWorks, driven by his passion for real partnership, continuous learning, and quality service and value to clients. He is skilled at listening and creating insight and process solutions that work for all. In his free time Dennis enjoys coffee, grilling, nature, music, and laughter (not always in that order).
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Christine Wroblewski

Senior Consultant

Christine is a former Chief Community Relations Officer of a large diverse metro school district. She is passionate about guiding, organizing and communicating complex processes to help support people in times of change and when difficult decisions need to be made. Outside of work, you can find Christine camping, hiking, and playing board games with her family.
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Dr. Sheri Allen

Senior Consultant

Sheri is a former superintendent, district administrator and principal. She's a skilled executive coach and passionate about personalizing the strategic planning process for her clients' needs. Outside of work you can catch Sheri at a Twins or Gopher football game, playing golf, and spending time with family and friends.
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Julie Baeb

Senior Consultant

Julie is a former educator, innovation coach and architectural designer. She is passionate about guiding impactful change in school districts, integrating her design-thinking roots and human-centered approach. In her free time Julie enjoys hiking and traveling with her family, listening to audiobooks, nordic skiing and yoga.
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Dr. Heather Mueller

Senior Consultant

Heather served as Minnesota's Commissioner of Education. She is passionate about working in partnership with education leaders to create systems and structures that are intentionally designed to ensure access, participation, representation, and outcomes for each and every student, and to meet the professional needs of our education workforce. In her freetime, Heather enjoys spending time with her family.
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Dan Hoverman

Associate Consultant

Dan is a former superintendent and district administrator. He is passionate about building meaningful partnerships with his clients to address systemic transformation, improvement and innovation in student learning. Outside of work, you can find Dan golfing, walking and reading.
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Dr. Bryan Bass

Associate Consultant

Bryan is an assistant superintendent driven to elevate systems and practices that sustain organizational growth, centering both individual and collective needs. He's a skilled executive coach who excels at thought partnership, deep listening and making thinking visible. Outside of work, you can catch Bryan reading, practicing yoga, playing golf, watching hoops and cheering on his two daughters in their activities.
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Dr. Jeff Ronneberg

Associate Consultant

Jeff is a superintendent passionate about meeting the needs and interests of each student through personalized learning and human-centered design. He excels at coaching individuals and teams on strategic leadership, organizational alignment and systemic innovation. When not at work you can catch Jeff going for a run, hike, bbq’ing or taking in a Gopher football or basketball game.
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Rich Swanson

Insight Services Manager

Rich is passionate about applying his unique insights and systems approach to serve clients with their data needs and strategic decision making. He excels at seeing the big picture while keeping tabs on every detail. Outside of work, Rich can be found woodworking, fishing, traveling, gardening and practicing Muay Thai.
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Matt Pohl

Geospatial Technologies Manager

Matt is continuously learning new analytical methods to help school districts understand their data. He is passionate about developing insightful web-mapping applications that help facilitate strategic decision making. In his free time Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, bow hunting, fishing and camping.
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Connie Buberl

Contract Specialist

Connie is a friendly connection to each of our clients and oversees monthly invoicing and contract management. Connie’s background includes banking, office and financial management. In her free time, Connie enjoys walking the beach, knitting, jewelry making and other handiwork, and spending time with her family.