School Board Development


Clarity, at last

The role of a school board member is very unique, and oftentimes misunderstood. That’s why we’ve developed the Education Leadership System workshop series. Our custom-designed program will provide your board and administrators with a shared understanding of governance and management excellence, a shared vision for district operations, and a roadmap to effective decision making with clearly defined roles, processes and protocols.

“The value of helping school board members understand their role cannot be overstated. Without growing the board in effective governance, there is frequent interference in administrative and instructional work. When we all know and do ‘our’ jobs, a district can be more effective for its students.”
Dr. Jeff Holm
Superintendent of Willmar Public Schools
“TeamWorks’ highly engaging, interactive professional development sessions are crafted to maximize results, include all perspectives and end with consensus and a shared understanding. They will put you on the path to becoming a high functioning board.”
Tom Bennett
School Board Chair, Bloomington Area Schools

What to expect:

  • A personalized pre-assessment, which may include surveys and/or 1:1 interviews by a TeamWorks consultant, to assess your school board’s current culture, needs and pain points. 
  • A custom-designed, interactive workshop series with emphasis on application and practice using our proven FrameWorks, tools and processes for governance, management and community consultation.
  • Practice using our community engagement framework for navigating hot-button issues. 
  • Mastering techniques for difficult conversations and scenarios unique to school boards. 
  • A clearly articulated vision for effective operations, designed for your unique school board and district needs.

One of our long-standing clients, Mounds View Public Schools, has been among the leaders in school board governance excellence. How does it work?